An Improvised
Herbal Tea

Mangosteen tea is an improvised herbal tea produced from Mangosteen fruit rind. Were you surprised to learn that the peel can be useful as well? Yeah , it’s true . It contains xanthones, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, functioning as a natural chemo agent and preventing cell damage. Mangosteen's fibre content absorbs more protein, excretes toxins and toxic additives, and lowers bad cholesterol. In addition, one percent Nutmeg mace is added to the tea powder to enhance aroma. Only natural ingredients are used in this herbal tea.

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A Holistic Alternative For
Green Tea

The mangosteen fruit known as the "Queen of Fruits," contains a high concentration of the Xanthon compound. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of xanthons prevent cell damage and act as natural chemotherapeutic agents. Mangosteen Tea contains a high fibre content that helps the body eliminate toxins and toxic additives while also lowering bad cholesterol and preserving good cardiac function. The term "superfruit" was first created to describe Mangosteen's potent medical capabilities. Infusing Mangosteen goodness into a tea. A healthy beverage in a cup. Stay healthy by drinking healthy.

Wrapped with rich Antioxidants

Mangosteen Tea provides antioxidant-rich substances such as vitamin C and folate. It also includes xanthones , a plant compound that has strong antioxidant properties. Xanthone antioxidant activity has been linked to anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-aging, and anti-diabetic effects in various investigations.

Boost strong Immune System.

Mangosteen Tea helps to maintain a healthy gut flora, which is an important component of immunity. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is required for the activity of a variety of immune cells .Furthermore, some study suggests that certain plant chemicals found in mangosteen have antibacterial characteristics.

Aids to maintain healthy skin

A short 3-month human trial discovered that people treated with 100 mg of mangosteen extract daily had much better skin suppleness and reduced buildup of a specific chemical known to contribute to skin ageing. Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen .

BP & Heart health is improved.

Mangosteen enhances heart health by maintaining a regular heart rate and lowering the chance of a heart attack. Mangosteen also lowers cholesterol levels in the body, which helps to control blood pressure and the resulting cardiac problems. It contains high levels of potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese .

Just imagine if your tea can supplement and control your health, yes mangosteen Tea will have significant health benefits according to studies and research.

Mangosteen is containing nutrients called xanthones. It works as a natural antioxidant. Therefore, consuming mangosteen helps to fight the free radical effect to the body. It is also preventing body metabolism breakdown. Due to the capability as antioxidant, mangosteen help to maintain a healthy skin. It can produce a smooth and silky body skin. It helps to treat eczema and acne. Therefore, it is a good alternative to use as a skin treatment. Consuming the tea daily can help to supply the nutrients for a healthy skin. It is good treatment whether for oily skin and neither the dry skin. The fruit is rich of various minerals. These minerals work to maintain healthy and reduce the possibility to get disease. The minerals also help as prevention of many types of infection. Therefore, it helps the body to avoid bacteria and increased natural antibody capability. A review paper published in the December 2011 issue of “Current Molecular Medicine” reports that Xanthones in mangosteen also have properties that may help protect you from carcinogenic compounds, along with anti-cancer activity. The authors conclude that mangosteen components have significant potential as anticancer agents, although clinical trials with human subjects are still needed.

Hey! First of all, thanks for reading how we evolved and how a small fruit really inspired us

Exploration is one among the things that can give us ideas for innovation. Well, our trip to Bali is what introduced us to this amazing idea of Mangosteen being transformed into tea. Then it struck, if they could do it, why not us? Of course , novelty should be incorporated to an already existing idea because eventually things evolve. Our whole idea about the tea was centered on making it healthier than tastier. Now, mangosteen is a fruit with lots of health benefits but is it necessary that these health elements is restricted to the shiny white core inside the peel? Definitely no! And that's how the 'thought it was of no use' peel was used to make our product with a pinch of nutmeg. So that is our story. Well, take a sip and feel how natural its contents are.

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